Postmenopausal Pregnancy: All That You Need To Know

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Postmenopausal Pregnancy: All That You Need To Know

Menopause can be a difficult time for a woman, not just because of all the hormonal changes happening in the body, but also because of the emotional stress you go through. For most women, it’s that dreaded milestone that indicates that they can no longer hope to have a baby of their own.

But that’s not necessarily true!

Is Postmenopausal Pregnancy Really Possible?

To begin with, let’s make something very clear: It’s not possible to get pregnant through natural means after you’ve hit menopause. However, medical science has advanced far enough to overcome natural barriers in many fields. This is one of them.

How is Postmenopausal Pregnancy Possible?

Women are born with 1-2 million eggs. As they approach menopause, only about 100 or less eggs remain and they aren’t of very good quality either. After menopause, the only way a woman can get pregnant is through a donor egg and in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is not impossible and there are thousands of cases where women have gotten pregnant even after menopause.

Can Postmenopausal Pregnancy BE Successful?

No technology is foolproof and neither can it guarantee 100% results. Same goes for postmenopausal pregnancy. A lot depends on the doctor, his team, and the kind of care and effort they put in. That’s where we excel. Delhi-IVF has seen tremendous success in this area. As of June 2015, we have had over 1000 successful cases of postmenopausal pregnancies!

What are the RISKS involved?

A pregnancy during your perimenopausal years can potentially pose many health risks. Most patients will be over 50 and other medical issues with the patient (like weak metabolism, weak heart, history of medical illness, etc) can lead to complications.

You’ve also have to understand that pregnancy at 50 is riskier than pregnancy at 25 or 30. The chances of miscarriage are very high, 1 in every 2. The possibility of having a healthy pregnancy also decrease as you grow older. A lot also depends on the patient’s diet, routine, and willpower. But, with proper medical care and expertise, risks can be mitigated the possibility of success is very high. these to a large extent with proper medical care.

Things to Consider Before Opting for Postmenopausal Pregnancy

  1. If having a child is really important to you, then don’t give up hope at all. You may consider postmenopausal pregnancy or surrogacy as options. Your doctor might be able to give you relevant advice after evaluating your condition.
  2. Don’t be impulsive when making this decision. Seek advice from friends, family, and most importantly your doctor. Weigh everything you hear and only then make up your mind which way to proceed.
  3. Read up. Read as many blogs, articles, and books as you can find on this topic to get a good understanding of this process and the positives and negatives associated with. At the same time, don’t believe everything you read online. Always cross check and clarify with a doctor before placing your faith in any information you come across.
  4. Remember, it’s science, not some tantric magic. Don’t be fooled by some sadhu baba giving you a magic herb! There are a lot of people out there who’ll try and manipulate you for financial gains but you’ll end up wasting time. Weigh all their suggestions on the balance of reason and logic.

All in all, you are the best judge of what you want. Go with your gut feeling, but be sure to involve your doctor as well, because as much as it is a big life decision, it’s also a big medical decision.

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