Don’t Make Yourself Miserable

Infertility: This is not a serious problem. People have much more serious problem in life.

There is much more in life than having a baby.

Don’t be psychologically upset. Have a sense of upset- Humour.

Take the treatment lightly and don’t keep thinking about having a baby all the time.

Don’t lose your identity & confidence. Stop blaming yourself. You have not done any crime by not having a child. Keep yourself busy.

Don’t be ashamed. Don’t isolate yourself. You are not the only who do not having a child.

8 Special Ways Of Don’t Make Yourself Miserable

Don’t Separate Yourself From Others

Every person is somehow dependent on other. For example. if we move out for a dinner we take a service from the waiter, when we order something online we take service from a delivery boy. So if someone is offering you help, don’t neglect it.

Don’t Become Over Good

Some people take care of others too, they keep noticing whether people around them are happy or not and if not they try hard to make them feel better. But don’t be so good every time, sometimes pissing off people is also a good sign and that keeps you connect to others.

Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Don’t compare yourself to anybody, everyone is unique in themselves and you don’t need to worry about others being good or bad as compared to you. Just be yourself.

Live life happily

Start feeling more happy, enjoy each and every moment of life and try to make it memorable forever. Don’t take the stress and think too much about anything, just let the life flow.

Give time to yourself

Start giving some time to yourself, start living for yourself, think about what are you doing and what next are you going to do. Be independent and make your decisions yourself.

Be confident

Wherever you go, whoever you talk to, just be confident about what are you doing and what are you saying, be like a bold person in front of the world and never underestimate yourself.

Don’t Be a Dreamer, Be Realistic

Don’t live in fairy tales, try to look and observe the real world and what’s happening around you. Make yourself capable of judging what’s real and what’s fake.

Trust Yourself

The most important thing is to trust yourself, whatever you invest in and if it breaks once don’t get depressed and worried. Everything takes time to show results and wait for the time patiently.

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