DIFC is Spreading Awareness on Mental & Physical Readiness for IVF

DIFC is spreading awareness on Mental & Physical Readiness

DIFC is Spreading Awareness On Mental & Physical Readiness For IVF

IVF: Your Ray of Hope

In-Vitro Fertilization is one of the best techniques in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Giving successful results to the infertility patients is the aim of IVF. There has been seen a steep rise in the number of couples in India who plan to undertake IVF treatment. As a matter of fact, very few of them are aware that they have to prepare as well as plan well ahead of treatment.

At Delhi IVF, treatments like Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Fertility Enhancing Endoscopy, Egg Freezing, Sperm Freezing, Embryo Freezing, Hysteroscopy, Stem cell Treatment, Laparoscopy, and Infertility are available. However, one must always plan properly for an IVF cycle, as this will increase their chances of a successful pregnancy. The outcome will be positive and the risk of side effects due to medication and drugs will be reduced drastically. As it is important for the couples to be physically ready, it is equally important for them to be prepared nutritionally and psychologically/mentally, especially the mother. Doing so is mandatory because mental wellness accompanied with a good health and physical fitness makes conceiving far easier.

While undergoing the IVF treatments, perhaps, the couple must keep in mind the following things:

  • Taking a healthy and a balanced diet
  • Consuming foods that are highly nutritious
  • Avoiding foods that the medical expert(s) have suggested not to consume
  • Proper intake of minerals as well as vitamins
  • Tracing antioxidants and elements
  • Avoiding drugs, caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes that disrupt the hormonal balance
  • Following a healthy lifestyle
  • Spending quality time with your partner who will undergo treatment
  • Regular yoga/exercise, Neither being overweight nor being underweight
  • Mental health -Taking regular breaks during weekends to visit family and friends.
  • Thinking positive

Another thing to be pondered upon is the fact that how much stress he or she takes based on his or her personality, situation, or lifestyle. The less stress one takes, the better the results are going to be. Ahead of the treatment, it is also very important that one stays mentally calm and physically fit. The basic advantage that a healthy lifestyle offers is a support to the reproductive system, hormonal system, and overall nourishment to the body during the crucial early stages. Followed by all of this, support from the partner and the family members help the person to be mentally prepared. Also, during, before, as well as, after the completion of IVF treatment, it is important to know about the success rates of treatments and be prepared for the failures as well, as it also a part of the process.

Therefore, it can be said that IVF is a great scientific advancement and a ray of hope for the couples who are suffering from any kind of problem in conceiving but both the partners should be mentally happy, relaxed, and positive about the process. They should be with each other at every step like emotional pillars.

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