5 Things You Should Know Before Considering IVF

5 things you should know before considering IVF

5 Things You Should Know Before Considering IVF

IVF is fast growing as an alternative for those who are having trouble conceiving. However, with this growing popularity, a lot of misinformation has also flooded the market, sowing seeds of doubts and fear among those considering this option.

We are not saying that all the information you come across out there is wrong; however, it a lot of it can be misleading. Through this post, we’ll try to focus your perspective on the key factors that influence IVF success rates and some tips on asking the right questions.

Birth Rates

Just like with fertility, IVF success rate also declines with the women’s age. Across various studies, women under 30 were found to be the most successful recipients of IVF. They had almost 50% chance of being successful in the first cycle of the IVF procedure. In comparison, women over 40 had only 30% chance of conceiving. That number fell to just below 10% when they approached the age of 45.

Blastocyst Cultures

Traditionally, embryos were grown only for one or two days before the transfer. Nowadays, many fertility clinics look to grow embryos for five to seven days, and usually, the best embryos are chosen to give the best results. Blastocyst culture is an excellent technique and blastocyst transfer gives good results. While they give a higher rate of success, some couples are concerned that they don’t resemble the natural life cycle of the embryos. They are also concerned about the higher costs it entails.
At the end of the day, it’s a matter of getting the best embryos that result in a pregnancy. A good embryologist and a good selection of embryos are essential in this scenario, so it’s important to make a wise choice.

Sperm Injections- Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

On the rare occasion when both partners suffer from infertility, pregnancy is induced with the help of another intermediary step. In such cases, an individual sperm is injected artificially into an egg. It’s proven to be a hugely successful procedure and has greatly improved the results of IVF.

In the rarest of cases where the male partner suffers from severe infertility, donor sperms can also be considered as an alternative.

Sometimes, there’s no definitive answer to whether the patients need sperm injections or not. Under certain circumstances, you should opt for natural insemination in half the cases and sperm injections in the remaining.

High Chances of Multiple Pregnancy

IVF can lead to multiple pregnancies. Twins, triplets, and in some cases, even quadruplets are a very real possibility. At Delhi IVF, we have had numerous cases of multiple pregnancies where parents have gone home with more than one little bundle of joy!

It’s essential that parents consider this possibility with full seriousness. Having more than one baby, while an occasion worth celebrating, can put a lot of strain on you mentally and financially. So our advice is that you speak to your doctor and prepare yourself for such a possibility.

Lab Infrastructure and Standards

Making babies through IVF is not Class 12 Biology. Embryos are highly sensitive to factors like changes in temperature and oxygen levels. These conditions need to be monitored religiously as their effect on success rates can be catastrophic.

Considering IVF can be a big decision and it shouldn’t be made lightly. We want you to consider all facets of this decision and make an informed choice. We hope this post has been able to clear some of your doubts and helped you get some clarity on this topic.

It’s also important to pay attention to clinical experience and expertise – they are extremely important to your decision. These days, there is any number of clinics mushrooming all over the city and it’s become a flourishing business. However, at the end of the day, it’s a medical treatment, so you cannot ignore the experience of the professionals running the clinic.

When it comes to our lab, Delhi IVF offers the world-class standards of technology, hygiene, and functionality. That’s also the reason why we see a lot of overseas patients frequenting our clinic and leaving impressed with all that they see.

If you still have any specific questions, drop us a comment here or call our clinic to speak to any one of our doctors here. Our doors are always open!

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