Male Infertility Treatment

Low Sperm Count/Oligospermia Treatment in Delhi

Reproduction is a natural process but nowadays, some couples are not lucky enough to experience it naturally. One of the causes, for such predicament, may be low sperm count in the male.

What is Low Sperm Count?

A man’s fertility basically depends on the quality and quantity of his sperms. If a male ejaculates low number of sperms / no sperms / poor quality of sperm / non- motile sperms or is unable to ejaculate at all then all these situations refer to male infertility.

Male infertility treatment in delhi

Oligospermia Treatment in Delhi

Delhi IVF provides a wide variety of male infertility treatments in Delhi (with the help of them lots of couples have got their own child). Few treatments are given below like:-

  • GIFT (Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer).
  • Surgery for male infertility.
  • Testicular biopsy, TESA, MESA.
  • Medication for infertility.
  • Hormonal Treatment.
  • Psychological consultation for sexual problems.

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