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    Laparoscopic Infertility Surgery

    Laparoscopy is a process where doctors use a small telescope flexible tube-like equipment called a “Laparoscope” with a cold light source on one end which is passed through a small incision through the navel. They use this instrument in Laparoscopic Surgery to view pelvic organ in the abdominal cavity causing infertility

    The procedure is done using general anesthesia and usually patients are discharged the same day. The whole process from starting to end of the surgery is recorded and then the recorded CD is provided for viewing any complication after the surgery.

    Laparoscopy can help in:

    • Hydrosalpinx (dilated tubes)
    • Endometriosis and adenomyosis
    • Laparoscopic myomectomy (fibroid removal)
    • Cystic Ovaries
    • Abnormalities in the uterus
    • Infections (tuberculosis), very common in India
    • Adhesions due to previous surgery

    (At Delhi IVF and fertility centre, has the latest equipment including HARMONIC laparoscopic equipment for the great surgical outcome and less complications and less post-operative pain)

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