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IVF – Egg Donation at Delhi IVF  & Fertility Research Centre 

Egg Donation is the process where the eggs are procured from a woman (egg donor) to develop the embryos for another woman. The egg donors are properly screened by gamete donor banks and the data bank of such egg donors is provided to us. The females are young, proven fertile from good families. They are good looking, Caucasian/ African/ from all communities of India with background data. We can easily get a proper match for our patients.

ivf egg donation in delhi

IVF Egg Donation in Delhi

Basically, in this process, the endometrium of the intended woman is prepared and it is integrated with the egg donor cycle of hormones. The eggs are therefore retrieved from the ovary of the donor after stimulation injections and then these retrieved eggs are fertilized with the intended woman’s husband’s sperm to develop healthy embryos. Healthy embryos are transferred to the intended woman’s uterus.  It is best suited for:

  • Woman, with poor quality eggs.
  • Diminished Ovarian reserve.
  • High age with poor egg quality.
  • Women with previous failed multiple cycles with own eggs.
  • The potential to transmit a genetic disease to a baby

The success rate of this procedure is approximately 50 to 60% per cycle.

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