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    stemcell medicare banner May 8, 2019

    First of Its Kind Stem Cell Clinic Inaugurated in India

    It gives us immense pleasure to bring to you Stemcell Medicare – The first regenerative medicine clinic in India!
    The new stem cell research and treatment centre was inaugurated on 23rd February at Le Meridien, New Delhi by Dr. B. S. Rajput (renowned stem cell transplant surgeon), Dr. Anoop Gupta (leading fertility specialist in India)
    , and Dr. Pushpa Chandra (an esteemed obstetrician and gynecologist).
    Many other eminent personalities from various fields of medicine graced this occasion.
    The list of speakers included Dr. Arora (a specialist in liver diseases at the Biliary and Liver Institute, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital), Dr. Parvez (a prominent Cardiologist working in Stem cell therapy in the U.S. for many years), Mr. Brinson (a pioneer in stem cell research based out of Georgia, Atlanta) and Dr Puri (Interventional Cardiologist at Max hospital).
    Dr. Jhingon, Head, All India Diabetic Society, and Dr. Bhargava, Head of Interventional Cardiology at Max Hospital also addressed the gathering. All our guest speakers elaborated on the application of stem cells in their respective fields. They also engaged with the audience in a Q&A session. All in all, it was an educational session and an engaged gathering!
    Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to regenerate/treat various diseases or conditions. Currently, stem cells have been instrumental in treating many diseases like

    • Osteoarthritis & other orthopedic conditions: Reduces pain, increases functionality and daily life of the patients
    • Muscular dystrophies, like Duchenne’s
    • Diabetes: Reduces dose of insulin, decreases end-organ complications
    • Anti-aging
    • Chronic liver diseases
    • Chronic lung disease, like COPD: Helps alleviate breathlessness and improves lifestyle
    • Chronic Alopecia
    • Heart diseases

    Stem cells have also been used for tissue grafts to treat burn victims, diseases or injury to the bone, skin and many ophthalmic conditions, like retinitis pigmentosa, macular dystrophy. It has applications in other degenerative diseases as well
    Stemcell Medicare has been opened with the view of providing this comprehensive modern technology to patients here in India. We will cater to all diseases by bringing on board specialists in every field. Through this state-of-the-art clinic, we hope to provide a stem cell laboratory of international standards, with complete clinical and support staff for complete treatment under one roof.
    The potential of this technology is virtually endless, and it won’t be wrong to call it the future of medical science and treatment. Stem cells bring hope to people who didn’t have it before; they can look forward to relief from conditions that were considered untreatable before. Our aim is to help humanity by relieving suffering and to do so, we will apply this technology to as many fields as possible, while keeping the costs low and reasonable.
    Here’s to new hope and new beginnings!

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