Female Infertility Treatment


What is Infertility?

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child even after one year of unprotected sex. Worldwide, infertility varies between 10-15%. Mostly, infertility is thought to be due to female causes, but in 40-50-% cases, it may be due to male causes and in some cases, it may be due to both male and female. In addition, women who cannot carry the baby to term may also contribute to infertility.

unexplained infertility treatment

What are the Causes of  Female Infertility?

 Infertility in Women

We have been able to understand more about female reproductive physiology due to its importance in contraception as compared to male physiology. We can divide these causes as follows:

  • Infrequent menstrual periods: When a woman has regular menstrual periods, defined as regular cycles occurring every 21 to 35 days, this almost always indicates that she ovulates regularly.
  • Female age of 35 years or older: Since a female is born with a fixed number of eggs at the time of birth. The egg numbers decrease at a rapid rate as women age. Furthermore, as aging occurs, egg quality, or the likelihood of an egg being genetically normal, decreases.
  • A history of pelvic infections or sexually transmitted diseases: Sexually transmitted infections, such as Chlamydia or gonorrhea, can cause inflammation and permanent scarring of the fallopian tubes. The presence of open tubes is essential for natural conception, as sperm must traverse the tubes in order to reach and fertilize the ovulated egg.
  • Known uterine fibroids or endometrial polyps: Uterine abnormalities, such as fibroids that indent the endometrial cavity and endometrial polyps, can impair how the endometrial (the lining of the uterus) and embryo interact to lower implantation and pregnancy rates. The main approach to correcting or removing these uterine abnormalities is by hysteroscopy, a surgical method by which a narrow scope with a camera is placed within the uterine cavity. Instruments can be introduced through the hysteroscope, allowing the surgeon to remove or correct any anatomic abnormalities.

Endometriosis: Endometriosis is an agonizing, endless illness that affects millions around the world and is the cause of infertility in many women. It happens when the lining of the uterus (tissue called the endometrium) is found outside the uterus – in the abdominal cavity growing on other organs.

This misplaced tissue reacts to the menstrual cycle in the same way as the tissue of the uterine lining. Every month the tissue develops, separates and shed causes lot of complication.

Age: A lady’s best reproductive years are in her 20s. Initially, the fertility decreases slowly but declines rapidly after the age of 35 years.

Pelvic Adhesions: Adhesions are scar tissue that can be formed inside the pelvis and causes organs to be stuck together when they shouldn’t be. Frequently, Adhesions are the after effect of past surgery, infections. However, some can happen to take after pelvic contamination and ordinarily they go with more serious phases of endometriosis. Some of the symptoms are like,

  • Pelvic Pain
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Cramping
  • Nausea
  • Pressure
  • Blockages

Polycystic Ovarian Disease: In Polycystic ovary disorder (PCOD)a lady’s hormones are imbalanced. It can bring interfere with periods and pregnancy becomes difficult. PCOD likewise may bring about androgenization. Over years it can even lead to other problems like diabetes and coronary illness.

Some other factors that may play a part  in female infertility treatment such as:

  • When no reason is identified. (unknown infertility)
  • Genital tuberculosis
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and thyroid and bowel diseases.
  • Having previous ectopic pregnancy with more than one miscarriage.

Some other factors may also influence female fertility such as:

  • Age, Smoking, Alcohol, Being obese or overweight, Diet,
  • Exercise: Both too much and too little exercise can lead to fertility problems.
  • Exposure to some chemicals:

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