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    Embryo Donation Centre in Delhi, India

    What Is Embryo donation?

    Embryo donation is a procedure by which embryos created by donor sperm and donor egg is transferred into the uterus of a woman who cannot produce her own eggs and the husband also cannot produce normal healthy sperms.

    • At Delhi IVF embryos are specially created for the recipient couple by taking a donor oocyte (anonymous) and a donor sperm (anonymous). Such an embryo does is anonymous and does not belong to anybody.
    • This is followed by the placement of such embryos into the recipient woman’s uterus to achieve a pregnancy and childbirth.
    • The resulting child belongs to the woman who carries it and gives birth and to no one else.

    Who Needs an Embryo Donation in India?

    • Untreatable infertility involving both partners
    • Recurrent pregnancy loss with embryonic cause
    • Genetic disorders affecting both partners

    At Delhi IVF we do not support egg sharing or embryo sharing.

    We strictly follow ICMR guidelines

    To Read Out ICMR Guidelines Click Here

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