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Human oocyte cryopreservation or Egg Freezing is a technique in which a woman can freeze their eggs when the quality and number of eggs is good for future use. This allows women to postpone their fertility till, due to various personal reasons (careers, financial problems, marital issues, broken marriages etc).

By this egg freezing treatment woman’s oocytes are extracted and kept frozen until the woman is ready to become pregnant, so that after taking the decision to have a baby the frozen eggs can be thawed, which are then transplanted into the uterus for implantation and pregnancy.

Egg Freeing Process at Delhi IVF

Delhi IVF – A Leading Egg Freezing Centre in India

You want to know more? about egg freezing, or you may have other question relevant to your own needs Please feel free to call our doctors that can help you give more details about your case.

A recent trend seen in IVF clinics is that more and more young women are coming with low AMH and less antral reserve than normal women. The trend shows similarity to the trend noticed in males having low sperm count. It is recommended that young women watch this trend pay more attention to AMH levels, and freeze their eggs while the going is good for fertility preservation till late.

Ex Miss INDIA Diana Hayden had a second pregnancy from eggs frozen eight years ago. She gave birth to a girl child.
Her first child was also born from a frozen egg. Read more here

Is Egg Freezing Treatment for you?

At Delhi IVF, we prescribe Egg Freezing treatment to our patients in some situations such as,

  • Severe hyperstimulation (Ovarian hyperstimulation), the eggs may be frozen for future use.
  • Chemotherapy
  • Due to unexpected/ miscellaneous reasons, fertilization of the eggs which have already been retrieved is not taking place (Semen sample not available, etc).
  • Woman herself decides to preserve her eggs for use it in future.
How Egg Freezing process is done at Delhi IVF?

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