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    Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre has now re-opened and is fully functional keeping in mind all the precautions for the current COVID 19 pandemic. We have imposed all kinds of safety measures at our IVF Clinic. We are following the protocols and guidance of the Indian Council of Medical Research for safety measures. This is foremost keeping in mind the safety of our patients and the staff. Please check our updated hours here.

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    Delhi IVF – Egg Freezing Clinic in India “SAVE FERTILITY” is Our Mission

    Brought to you by one of the country’s top independent, pioneering and successful fertility labs (Delhi IVF and fertility centre) for almost the last 3 decades!

    With a successful pioneering legacy of 25 years in the field of infertility and IVF, we, as experts in this field noticed that there is a huge shift in the age most women prefer to opt for motherhood, and about 45% women are in their late 30’s and early 40’s (or even later) by the time they desire motherhood and have to go ahead with difficult options like egg donation (as their own eggs have deteriorated in quality and quantity).


    This can be a very difficult decision, emotionally and psychologically for many women and they may carry a huge burden of the same throughout their lives. We at Delhi egg freezing clinic want to decrease this in the future.

    However, We Believe in “ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

    Better to take an informed decision in time than to run around later having a difficult time to conceive. In today’s progressive times and in the 21st century, “EGG FREEZING” is a whole new trans-formative PANDORA BOX and has vastly increased the chances and options for the modern women of this new age.   It’s a totally new avenue to conserve your future fertility.

    Egg Freezing in India – Your Preferred Option

    “Delay Your Maternity According to Yourself” at our egg freezing clinic in India. We understand the time value of your biological clock, thus, with the help of our experts, you can stop your biological clock at your favorable time.

    Premiere Egg Freezing Clinic in India

    “Give No One A Chance to Judge Your Fertility Potential”. Some women go through very unfortunate circumstances at an early age, so they have to delay their age for motherhood as their quality & quantity of eggs get affected due to some external/ harmful situations.

    Women Who Can Potentially Opt For Egg Freezing in India

    Due to Medical Reasons-

    • Cancer (Breast, Ovarian)
    • Chemotherapy & Radiation for cancer
    • Family history of Poor Ovarian Function (early menopause)
    • Chronic cysts
    • Early onset/chronic Endometriosis


    Due to Social Reasons

    • Unable to find the right partner
    • Divorce
    • Elective singlehood
    • Sports women
    • Military personnel

    Living in regions with high exposure to pesticides/radiation

    Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Clinic in India has given wings to the fertility potential of these women by offering them with advance and modern technique of vitrification & Egg Freezing in Delhi.

    Ultimately, your eggs are your babies and as a future mother. You must protect them now from all the insecurities you may have in terms of infertility so as for their healthy and successful birth at the time when you are ready to welcome your baby.

    Gain Peace of Mind (Serenity) with Egg Freezing in India

    Dreaming of having a child is a basic desire of every human being or a couple. A baby fulfills our connectivity to happiness in the stressful lives. They also comply with the natural instinct to reproduce.

    Elective Egg Freezing as Your Option

    It’s your time! Your life! No one is going to take the decisions better than you.

    Protect your motherhood with Delhi  Egg Freezing Centre to embrace it at a time when you’re completely ready for it. When you know that your healthy and young eggs are preserved successfully for the future success of conception (which may vary due to the different medical conditions of patients and thus, need to consult the experts). You can more focus on work & not worry about future fertility.

    Oocyte Count/Quality Affected by Medical Conditions & their Treatment

    Nobody wants to ever face an unexpected medical condition in life; if it happens still you don’t worry! Our egg freezing clinic, Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Clinic gives you the great opportunity to freeze your eggs before beginning any medical treatment through our egg freezing technique. Despite of ever having medical conditions in life (e.g. cancers, severe endometriosis, ovarian cyst, etc.) you can become a biological mother of your child using those preserved healthy eggs.

    Yet Not Met The Right Partner?

    The constant ticking of the biological clock can be confusing & mind boggling if a woman is not able to find the right partner.

    • It can be very frustrating to not find the right partner while the biological age keeps ticking.
    • If you didn’t have to stress about your biological clock, would you make decisions freely for dating and mating?
    • Why compromise if you have the option of egg freezing to preserve & comfortably postpone your fertility.

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