Blastocyst Culture

What is Blastocyst Culture and Transfer Treatment?

This term portrays the procedure when the developing embryo is cultured in specialized media for 5 to 6 days as compared to day 3 transfer. This is done to enhance the survival of more robust embryos before transfer for implantation.
The expanded time gives enough opportunity to embryologists to select robust embryos for implantation for better implantation, pregnancy and live birth rates.

Blastocyst Embryo

Blastocyst culture and transfer

This is an IVF technique which maximizes the chances of pregnancy and minimizes the risk of multiple pregnancies. In general, embryos are usually cultured for three days before transferring it back to the uterus. But in blastocyst culture, these embryos are cultured for two-three days more which are then called as Blastocyst Embryos. Not all only a few embryos are cultured for the blastocyst stage. It allows the embryologist to select more healthy embryos having more capability for the successful transfer.  It is more similar to what happens in a natural cycle.

The most efficient advantages of blastocyst culture and transfer is the less possibility of multiple births which can lead by the IVF, since there are only 1-2 embryos to be transferred.

Blastocyst transfer may be appropriate for those patients who have:
Blastocyst Process at Delhi IVF?

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