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The Different Types of Surrogacy's

Gestational Surrogacy India

Most intended parents prefer gestational surrogacy because they feel more secure in knowing the chances of the surrogate being able to keep their baby is slim to none. They also feel more in control of the surrogacy and pregnancy in general because they are choosing the genetics of their baby. An advantage to having an egg used by an ovum donor or the intended mother is that for the surrogate mother, it separates the complex emotional issues of being a gestational and genetic donor/mother.

Using an Egg Donor India

Often parents who choose to have a gestational surrogate carry their child cannot genetically contribute to their offspring nor do they wish to have their surrogate mother be the genetic mother. Intended parents in these situations usually rely on outside assistance via sperm and or egg donation. While sperm donation has been around for hundreds of years egg donation is relatively new. In this process a screened egg donor undergoes hormone therapy (usually injections) over the course of many weeks which cause her ovaries to release more than one egg.

What is Egg donation & who can be donor

Being an egg donor leads to a very exciting and rewarding journey provide an opportunity to help infertile couples make dream come true of having own child. Many couples out there find it difficult to conceive by their own and need donated eggs to get pregnant. Egg donation is a wonderful program whereby an infertile woman uses occytes (eggs) from a donor to fulfill her desire of becoming a mother.

How we work

We have assisted with an uncountable number of couples to facilitate babies keep using the several advanced fertility treatments. We are specialist in all the modern techniques and treatments such as, IVF-ICSI, IVF, IUI, Embryo Freezing, Semen Banking, and so forth. By using these technologies we assist to our patients for the perfect or required treatment.

We have already delivered more than 8000+ ART babies by the Advanced Reproductive Techniques till Dec 2014, 650+ Surrogacy procedures till Dec 2014. , 1000+ Menopausal babies till 2014 and 800+ Egg donations.