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What is Sperm Donation ?
Sperm donation, known as the provision (donation) of sperm, is completed by a man who donates his healthy sperm for the purpose of achieving the pregnancy of a woman. When a man is found with the inability not to make her partner pregnant, then the prospected parents take help to another man's sperm to get her female partner pregnant and the person, who donates his sperm to complete this treatment, is called Sperm Donor.

Who needs Sperm Donation ?

There are thousands of people who want to extend their family, but cause of some complications can't have their own child. But now you get a visible option by this technique to complete your family. Sperm donation treatment is obtained by anyone while having some symptoms such as,

  • Facing ejaculation issues
  • Not able to produce the healthy sperm
  • Sperm doesn't move or function
  • His semen is having low sperm


What do we do ?

Through Sperm Donation technique, Delhi IVF provides a chance to a couple or an individual also, who have succumbed with unsuccessful treatments to meet their own child. The entire processes get completed in the presence of highly expert specialists and at every step are taken care by the experienced doctors. The process of this modern technique not only helps to couples, but offers a chance to lesbians also, where both are female and for being pregnant or to bring a new life, sperm is required.

Who can be a Sperm Donor ?

Delhi IVF welcomes to men of all ethnicities who are willing to help others and want to be a part of another's happiness. After following some requirements you are also eligible to become a donor,

  • Age should be between 21 to 38 years.
  • Should have acceptable or healthy medical history without any chronic health issues.
  • Having high quality samples of semen.
  • No genetic background with any health issue of your blood relatives.
  • You must be agreed to donate the sperm.
  • Should be ready for required blood, urine or other tests.

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