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Surrogacy : A HOPE

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Delivered first millennium test tube baby in 2000.

First IVF-ICSI baby in 1998

First to deliver IVF baby through blastocyst culture in1999.

650 Surrogacy procedures till 2014

2900 Donor Egg Babies till Dec. 2014

7000+ Art babies till December 2014.

1000 menopausal babies till March 2014


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Women Infertility treatment India

We are ISO 9001-2005
certified IVF clinic

(Certified by QAS,
Standards Australia).

IVF India

 Outlook Magazine features DIFC one of the TOP 5 Infertility Clinics in India.

DIFC is an approved ART clinic by Indian Council of Medical Research. The clinic has been successful enrolled (Enrolment No "10479") with National Registry of ART Clinics and Banks in India of ICMR for minimum available infrastructure facility, trained manpower and procedures being undertaken at ART Clinic.

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